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Do you need a PO to get started?

Yes, 100%. Our systems require a PO in order for all the dominoes to fall in the right place at the right time. The sooner we get a PO the sooner we can start the part.  

Can I change something from _____ to _____? 

Yes, Absolutely. But it might require us to re-quote the order, so the price will most likely change.

Here is a list of things that will require us to re-quote an order:

Change of material (304 vs 316 , 316 vs 316L, etc.)

Change of serration (Mill finish vs Serrated , Coarse Serration vs. Fine Serration)

Additional items ("Actually, make it 2..." )
Dimension changes ("Oh, and it's actually 1/8" thick not 1/4!")

and that's just to name a the most common ones! Please have all the required information ready when you place your order.


Additional quotes may require an additional charge. Re-quoting jobs requires extra time and effort and we want each order to have the attention it deserves.

Can I get a Certification with that?

Yes, of course. All of our parts go through the O'Brien Iron Works Quality Assurance process, but you can take advantage of the documentation fee to generate a certificate. 

This is smaller. How come it costs more?

Usually in these cases the thickness of the material is harder to find. We also factor in the machining difficulty of the material. Some metals can't get too hot, some dull cutters faster, the list goes on and on. Sometimes bigger is better, other times small can be mighty.    


Various levels of "cutting the line". You need "it" now, we understand. The rush fees help cover pulling different plate, reassigning a machinist, overnight-ing material and many other things that require extra focus and extra effort. If our lead times are long it could even require extra man power and overtime. Your emergency is our emergency. We will get it to you as fast as possible.   

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