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Custom Fabricated Work

"Can you make _______?"

Our capabilities extend beyond the Oil & Gas Industry.

Call one of our specialist and find out how we can assist you. 

 Acrylic Tube Plug 

Fabricated Funnels

FABRICATED FUNNEL_watermarked.jpg

Flush Ring Assemblies


Man Hole Cover

MAN HOLE COVER_watermarked.jpg

That's a US Quarter for scale!

Assembly/Flush Ring

FLUSH RING_watermarked.jpg

Burner Tips

Burnner Tips with Flange Assembly_waterm

Burner tip designs can be very specific and very different from one another.

We are capable of fabricating many different types and variations to suit your needs. 

Custom Spool

frankenstein weldneck_watermarked.jpg

Give us a call!

See something you want? Have any questions?

Need a custom part? Need "that thing" but in
an exotic alloy?

Give us a call at


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